Being a bride these days isn't as easy as you might think. You are flooded with a beautiful (sometimes overwhelming) array of options everyday.  I recently took my turn planning my wedding, and I 100% understand that soooo many things come into play when selecting a photographer:

-Does their style match yours?
-Do your schedules line up?
-After chatting, do you get along? (Cannot emphasize how important this is)
-And then the big question, do they fit in your budget???
So let's talk about that "budget" thing, and what it means exactly. 

From the beginning of my wedding planning, I knew that my photos were the first thing I wanted to "invest in". After my flowers had died, and my dress was retired to a hanger in the back of my closet, my photos would be the thing that would hang around... literally. My photos hang on my walls for me to glance at every day; living on, telling my story. 
Don't pick your photographer based on price. Or at least don't choose your photographer based on pricing alone. 

There are a TON of photographers out there, so please! For all our sakes? Take your time, find someone you not only like, but LOVE. Because I love every single one of my clients. It's critical for me that my clients and I are a match made in heaven. Nothing is better than when we both are getting excited over the little details. Basically, it's my goal to be best friends by the time that our sessions are over.